Customer service; is my expectation too high?

So, on August 13th a received an email from Curve, stating: Success! You brought a friend to Curve. You will now earn 1% cashback when you pay with Curve for 30 days.

I spent over €2500 with my Curve card since then, but no referral bonus was awarded yet. So I contact Curve Support to check what’s wrong.

Because, reading the T&C for the referral program,

  • " To be eligible for the Referral Reward, the person you refer must (1) sign up to Curve using your unique referral link and (2) make at least 1 purchase on their Curve card. ", and
  • " Your 30 day period will begin only once the person you refer has made at least 1 purchase on their Curve card. ",

I don’t think it is illogical to assume that those terms have actually been met. Why else would I receive this email? It doesn’t say “Your friend has signed up” - no - it undeniably says “You will receive 1% cashback for the next 30 days”.

But: no. Curve Support says: The reason you’ve not received any cashback is that the account isn’t fully setup so [your friend hasn’t] spent using their Curve Card.

It is actually me having too high expectations because of the original email Curve sent me, or should Curve live up to their promise?

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Afternoon! We’re sorry that this hasn’t been the smoothest of experiences for you and we want to make sure it’s put right. We’ll reply to your messages on social media now and get some further details from you so that we can investigate this and see what can be done!

If you’re rightfully due the cashback, we’ll make sure it gets to you! :slight_smile:

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