Customer service - non-responsive Refund ending up in curve cash

This is kind of scary since it has to do with money and can lead to financial problems for people due to the time it takes customer service to get back.

I have issued a ticket both through chat and email the 17 of october.

I made a purchase which was refunded NOT to the underlying card, but to curve cash without any logic to it. It’s easy to see both transactions in the app and connect them.

Now I have to pay my credit card bill, and how do I do that with “curve cash”?

Is the company going out of business?

Hello @Miga,

This is the community, community moderators are normal users like you. We cant solve account/payment problems here.

Please contact the social media team via Twitter (@AskCurve) they can check your ticket. Statement:

Please do not open multiple tickets for the same reason.