Customer support feedback

I think support is still a bit of hit and miss and leaves me frustrated sometimes. Wanted to know what the charges would be if an ATM swallowed my card. Sent in the query to customer support and they blocked my card straight away, without seemingly reading the query properly. :man_shrugging:t4:

Maybe I should have been more clear and started with, please do not block my card. Now here’s to hoping my card gets delivered before I go away next week and don’t have to pay the replacement cost.


They can activate the card again?

Did it happen in your home country or abroad?

It did not happen, that’s why this topic was created…

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Hey @Malik!

Apologies for this, we do have real people behind the screens and it seems the ticket was simply misread and the CX team were trying to be proactive (any chance of a compromised card is especially risky for you and us). I’ll ask a member of the Customer Experience team to get back in touch and unblock your card for you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Ups, I think Curve support did same misreading like I. I was 100% sure it did happen :open_mouth:

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Thanks @CurveJake , the support team did reactivate my card fairly quickly so props for that to the team. Although my query about the replacement cost is the card is eaten by an ATM wasn’t answered.

Hey @Malik, apologies. Basically, if your card gets eaten by an ATM its the same process as we followed in your support ticket, we assume there’s no way to get it back (and to reduce the risk of it being compromised) we reissue free of charge for you :slight_smile:

Thanks @CurveJake, very helpful. On a side note, I often find this forum more helpful than emailing support team :smile:.

Is it free for all cards, including Metal or does the £50 Metal replacement cost apply when an ATM eats the card?