Customs clearance for gift pack?

Anyone figured out how to get the customs clearance for the investor gift pack?

I got notified by Finnish customs that package arrived from agency called Flostream Ltd, but in order to clear customs I need some proof from Curve - not getting any help via email.

How have other EU-based crowd investors resolved this?

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There is a topic created about this in the Curve Investor Group.

(I know you can’t access it yet. If you want to, please request access here: Crowdfunding investors - Curve Community)

But also there is no solution mentioned.

@petriojala (how) did you solve it eventually?

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I have been contacted by the carrier that the shipment is subject to customs clearance but I have no documentation on the shipment, what should I do?

Looks like there is no solution for this - Curve not even responding to all for non-UK investors, which is poor form…

The GLS carrier needs to know the price of the postage in order to clear the shipment. I don’t know where to find out.

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