Cuver help with cashback and in app support NOT working

Hi all,

I upgraded my plan to metal and it said priority support but i got no answer for over 3 weeks now. Keep sending reminders each day but nothing.

Also cashback on Auchan used to work but right now it is not.

I did not have issues with my free subscription. This is weird.

Any help will be much appreciated since downgrading sends me to support which is not responding. kind of in a loop now.


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Hi and welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve having issues with Curve’s customer service. I would advise you to contact Curve’s Twitter profile @AskCurve as that normally does help.

Thanks for your question.

Will try twitter.
A bit weird i have the most expencive plan and took me 2 month to have a reply on customer service. The reply was incomplete and after sending further information total silence for 11 days.

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