CVV/CVC inconsistency

Issue: (one-sentence summary)
Card details uses “CVV”, informational text uses “CVC”.

How to reproduce it:
Activate new card.
Go to Account → Card Details → Card Details.
The card details uses “CVV” the informational text uses “CVC”.

Also, the card details has “Expiry” on the left and “CVV” on the right, but the informational text refers to “CVC” 1st and “Expiry” 2nd. Being a tad fussy, shouldn’t the informational text refer to “Expiry” 1st to match.

Android 8.0

Xperia X Compact

App version:


Apologies for image quality. Couldn’t snapshot screen.

The terms are interchangeable.

CVC or card verification code
CVC or card verification value

They mean the same thing.

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