Czerwona karta inwestora


Mam pytanie czy ktoś z was inwestowałprzed i dostał juz swoją czerwona karte inwestora? Juz dawno powinna być u mnie niestery brak jakichkolwiek informacji od dłuższego czasu.


Hey @kodofix

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Please find more information about investor cards here!

Edit: Working link here

Hello Jes,

Unfortunately, your link redirect me to the page that not exist anymore :slight_smile:

Can you provide me another link or post me more information about investor red card schedule? Because according to e-mail provided by curve team it should be in my mailbox couple weekes ago :slight_smile:

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Marek Derdzinski

Topic still exists, but is only accessible for community members that are member of the Crowdfunding investors group. You can also request access to the group at this link.

thank you :slight_smile:

@kodofix Apologies for that!

@poeliev Thanks for the save! |'ve edited my post as well.