Dark mode in community for web and mobile

Hi there, I used the search button and there is nothing!
It would be useful to add a possible Dark Mode here in the forum! In the evening, when I enter the app DiscourseHub, it bothers my eyes, until the brightness decreases.

@Curve_Marie If it is possible, I hope it will be implemented soon. The DiscourseHub app supports dark mode!

Screen from App Store

They had already released an update 2 months ago!

Seems like the option’s there, but it doesn’t work for me (unless it’s just cache!)


I also have the option and it doesn’t work!

Same issue for me


How did you do?

For me, on iPhone, still not working :unamused:

moved to ideas section.

I think @Curve_Marie or @Abi should configure it in their admin panel! The only solution is this. :frowning:

It’s probably a bug. :bug:

As I have device with OLED display, I use dark mode on system level all the time. I also use Curve Community as an app (installed directly from web browser - instant app? :thinking:). When I click on any link in this Curve Community app which leads to an external site and then go back, the theme of the Curve Community app switches from light :cityscape: to dark :night_with_stars: automatically. So, probably a bug which might come handy… :sunglasses:

Hi, I use the DiscourseHub app! Going to read around, an admin should activate it. The only thing I didn’t understand, do you use the browser? Do you use the DiscourseHub app? I having iOS 13, I always use dark mode.

To be honest, I don’t know. :flushed: I was using web browser for Curve Community and then I saw there is a “download” button on the right of the web address field. When I clicked it, a second app named “Curve” installed to my phone - now the Curve Community is installed as a standalone app in my phone, it has got its own icon in the app drawer, is standalone in task manager etc.

I’m on Android 10 device. :iphone:

Ok, you saved the site as an app! I am proposing this idea, because I have xD vision problems and I can’t see the white on the phone :frowning: I hope you will vote on the idea.

Looks like there’s dark mode in the works, mines gone all dark on web!


Yep same - mind just suddenly switched. For those wondering how to switch back: click on your display profile pic at the top right, then your name, then preferences, then interface, then theme.