Dartford Crossing declined

Although my Curve card works well lately I’ve had problems using it to pay for parking in various car parks and especially when parking on the street (this always gets declined) and now paying for the Dartford Crossing has been declined twice…

I had my Curve card declined at the Liefkenshoektunnel, so I paid with my regular Dutch Creditcard instead. As this payment took a couple of days before it showed up on my online Creditcard overview, apparently the payment terminal at the Liefkenshoektunnel is an offline one and that is probably the reason my Curve card was rejected there.

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I’ve used my curve on flights and they’re usually offline too and it worked fine!

Apparently those flight operators are willing to take a little more risk than this specific tunnel operator when it is about receiving their money. Since the payment terminal is offline they are not able to check in realtime if one has sufficient funds to pay the toll. By only allowing Creditcards they try to reduce the risk of not getting their money.

So to be more specific, in my case it is a combination of an offline terminal and (because of that) only accepting Creditcards.

Although on that they know who you are as they log your seat number too :wink:

I actually have an account with the Dartford Crossing so they know … everything! And the card was accepted initially and they tried to charge it and it was declined. I tried it myself and it was declined, not because it was a debit rather than credit card (in one instance I replaced the Curve card which had been declined with another debit card which was promptly accepted) but because it declined… Perhaps something for the Curve team to look at. It certainly means that I have to carry in addition my Amex, one credit and one debit card…

Or something for Dartford Crossing to look at… Could you see a decline reason at the terminal?

No reason, just decline once when they tried to charge as per the way is set up and I tried it myself on-line via my account at Dartford Crossing and it also declined. It clearly was able to charge when the account was set up in the usual way (validate the card).

Ok, for me to understand, so in both cases you don’t pay at the crossing itself?

Does the debitcard you paid with (online?) instead of the Curve card have 3DS?
What happens when you remove the Curve card from you Dartford Crossing account and try to add (and validate) it again?

:wave:Hey @gene Welcome to the Community! Our team can have a close look at these declines and investigate this for you. Please contact us in-app or via support@imaginecurve.com:blush:

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I successfully charged Dartford Crossing to Curve about 4 weeks back, but last weekend I tried to pay for on-street parking and was persistently declined.

The best course of action for this query is to go into the failed transaction in the app, scroll right to the bottom and tap “Have a question about this transaction?” - the support team will be able to go into the question and find out the reason for the decline.

There’s no reason that can easily be provided on the community forum as far as I can tell. I don’t believe that Dartford Crossing requires 3D Secure. It could be as simple as not typing in the security number correctly…

If the transaction isn’t showing in Curve at all, then it is still worth contacting support to see if they can find it, or investigate with Dartford Crossing. It’s not impossible that it’s a problem on their side or with their payment processor.

This has now been resolved by the Curve Support Team. I had signed up with my old Curve card and did not update when I switched to a Black card ( so different dates). In short: my fault and not the Curve card.


It’s usually something simple :slight_smile: Glad you’re all sorted!