Deal with my support ticket and then close my account - I'm done!

I’ve had multiple unrecognised transactions coming out from all over the EU on the same day which you have not picked up and prevented/blocked dispite it being obviously fraud.
You are now slacking in responding to my customer support request to deal with this.
No more excuses, no more slacking off - deal with the issue and I then close my account.

I have never experienced such poor customer service when it comes to a financial product - you should be ashamed.

Sorry to hear this.

One thing I’d try - give your underlying card provider(s) a ring. Initially they’ll try and push you back to Curve, but both transactions (merchant → curve and curve → your card) are fraudulent.

Make it clear what you’ve done and how long you’ve been waiting without them engaging. They will have a policy on what constitutes a merchant not engaging, ask what this is and make sure you’ve done what’s required (email / call / write / wait X days).

At that point you’re in a position to make your card provider give you a refund (exact rules depend on whether its a credit or debit card…) and let them chase up Curve.

If you can get a figure (or refund!) out of them, please let us know :). Good luck!