Dealing with credit transaction (i.e. refunds) without prior debit transaction (i.e. spend) with merchant

How does curve deal with credit transactions that does not has previously debit transaction with the merchant?
An example of this would be tax refunds from the likes of Global blue where there would not be a debit transaction with them beforehand and the sole purpose of this transaction is to refund the card holder?

This is the official message you’ll receive (if they haven’t updated it yet) when receiving money on your card without a previous charge on it.

To comply with Anti Money Laundering regulations, we need to process the refund to the original card that was charged for this transaction. Could you let us know the last four digits of the underlying card that was used to make this transaction?

Going forward, if you didn’t make the original transaction with your Curve card, we kindly ask that you request that retailers refund you back onto the card that was used for the original transaction. We appreciate your understanding.

Long story short, you shouldn’t use your Curve card for receiving funds unless its a (partial) refund for a previous transaction.

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