Debit-Fronted Credit - Using Curve where credit cards aren't accepted or has a fee

Strongly agree on this. I regretted the investment already.

I did read your post, but you fail to understand that they don’t need a “way round it”, because no legislation prevents these fees.

As well as the new 1.5% fee, unexplained changes to the privacy policy with only 15 days notice: I’m not 100% this notification is actually legal/meets FCA regulatory requirements


I believe you are correct on this. I am not surprised in the slightest by this latest action from Curve.

I recently downgraded from metal and following this latest farce I have now requested they close my account and delete all of my data except what they are legally required to retain. I don’t ever want to be able to use them again. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I have never ever dealt with a company that treats its customers like this. They have had far too many chances and just keep on screwing up.

Edit: I’ve also told them if they don’t delete my account by December 10 that they don’t have my permission to share my data personal or otherwise with any third party companies. I’m pretty sure under GDPR that you have to give express permission to do so rather than them assuming you do unless you state otherwise.

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I believe changes to T&C’s require a 30 days notice. Changes to privacy policy do not require an advanced notice but most companies do provide a couple of weeks notice.

I believe Curve’s T&C’s need two months notice for changes.

It’s not clear what the changes to the privacy policy are and I know FCA has specific requirements and principles around clear communication to customers (as does GDPR more generally)

The email states the privacy policy takes affect 10th December but on the privacy policy site, it changed today

It’s one thing to express your disappointment in a product and another to swear in a public forum. If you feel dissatisfied with Curve, you can just stop using it, but please stay civil. This is not a place just for the Curve team, but for the whole community.


I like the fact that conversations here are clearly being used as the basis for the rapidly changing FAQs but Curve haven’t got the backbone to actually make any responses to the community(!)


Come on people we all may be upset about what Curve are doing/planning to do but let’s stay adults about things. Debating things is fine but let’s avoid personal attacks or and bad language. We are all better then that. We are all here because we want Curve to improve. (This is not to anyone in particular just as a group.)


I’ve worked in credit card payments so know interchange quite well - I’ve always found Curve’s business model quite hard to fathom and expected them to have to make some changes like this eventually. Surely the issue is that a main draw for Curve is to push the transaction to a credit card when usually you would have to pay via debit - for reasons of points, rewards or just cash flow; if this is removed as an option then not sure how useful the product is to some people.

As stated already on the thread, those who use HMRC will likely be using the card at other merchants also but the HMRC change may be a cause to stop using the card entirely for some people. I’ve been using Curve to top up my SIPP with an investment company - how will I find out if the 1.5% is being applied there? Seems like the best option is to stop just in case.

The problem with Curve is that they require their user and transaction growth to continue on a strong trajectory and by making such a change which generates such publicity it will be hard to continue this. Is it possible the merchants themselves such as HMRC are putting pressure on Curve here? I assumed Merchants were only incurring the debut interchange but some party somewhere in the transaction chain must be paying for the Credit interchange…?

Could someone at Curve explain how I should ‘sell’ Curve to friends now that one of the major uses for the card has been removed for new members? I’m not talking about major HMRC funding, but as I read it all debit transactions on a credit card will incur the 1.5% charge for new joiners. Exactly what is the USP now? Very disappointed in this development.

1.5% charge is only for HMRC payment for now, and later for other UK Government services. There is no charge for using your card anywhere else for the time being.


I’m not sure what you mean, but the fee will only apply to transactions made at places where you would be barred from using a credit card directly (basically government agencies). Using an underlying credit card with Curve at other stores and merchants will not incur a fee.

By the way, while I understand the resentment the majority of you present here, I’m a bit surprised that you treat Curve as a service specifically designed to bypass those credit/debit limitations, while it originally was more of a byproduct of the offering. It reminds me of when Curve changed their credit card ATM fair use policy and people disliked it too.

The terms have already been updated I see:

I dont know how curve doesnt have the increased cost when a credit card is used regardless of where tbh which is why I think this is not the end of credit card fee’s.

That’s a simplification - while Curve might like you to believe that - they have already said that they will expand their surcharge to other government agencies who do accept personal credit cards directly.

I never did this and understand that this could be unfair use of the system.

The difference is that the Curve Card was specifically marketed as a debit card you could use where a credit card wasn’t accepted - and is in large part responsible for the growth of Curve in the UK.

You’re referring to the DVLA mentioned in the FAQ, right? I want to believe they put it in there by mistake, because charging for a service that would be just as possible without Curve is just too much. We will see.

I’m not from the UK, so I might’ve missed that marketing. For me Curve was always advertised as All Cards in One + Go Back in Time. I can’t even think of a place here in Poland, which would accept Mastercard Debit but not Credit, so this whole thing doesn’t really apply to me anyway. However, advertising “a debit card that works where credit doesn’t” does not imply that it’s free.

I believe the merchants are only charged the debit card fee and Curve then recharge the transaction to the card issuer - effectively doing both sides of the transaction and taking a margin in-between.

There was also some recent speculation here recently that they may change the MMC of the underlying transaction to gain a bit more revenue.

I think there is still merit in curve. I would use curve in oversea foreign transactions. I understand certain major credit cards with annual fees have 0% foreign exchange rate have the feature too, but for people with credit cards with no annual fee. Curve does help collect points overseas. Albeit its not a big figure.

What i dislike about curve is the way they handle announcements. They implement, and then announce. Rather than announce then implement. Regardless, their customer support has never been their strong point.

Its unfortunate for the paying curve black that does not get this feature of free payments albeit they pay £10 a month


I think this is one of Curve’s issues. While in your location 0% f/x cards may be rare or come with an annual fee - in the UK there is a wide range of debit or credit cards which have this facility (and no annual fees)

Agreed and they appear to pay lip service (if that) to UK law when making these changes

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