December £5.00

Has anyone got the £5.00 cash added to their card yet for spending in December?

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Certainly not me…

I messaged support about this. Even though I had three separate emails about the offer, I was then told it was for selected accounts only. No idea if I’m going to get the bonus or not.

Edit: from support - if it’s not in your account by 10th, get in touch with them

In order to qualify for the points, the selected customers must make a successful transaction (Curve send transactions do not qualify) before 23:59:59 on the 31st of December 2019. The points will then be applied within 7 days but in no case later than the 10th of January, 2020 , please let us know if you have not received the points by this date.

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Nothing here, either, and it’s the 10th today…

Haven’t received it either

Been in touch with support and they said it was only for selected customers but if I had received the promotional email to forward it to them. Typically, I had deleted the 2 emails I received.

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So it looks like the marketing email was sent to more people than it should… so either:

  1. Curve do the right thing and give the bonus to everyone who received the campaign, or
  2. Curve stick to the “selected customers” line and risk angering loyal customers and investors…

Interesting to see which route they take.


I got the fiver, it was added to the Curve Cash account as “£5 Curve gift”

Support have just told me I wasn’t entitled to it. The emails must have been a cock up on Curves side.

Email marketing is covered under the ASA’s remit, so could end up being a complaint to them if they don’t honour their campaign.
However, given that Curve is regulated by the FCA could end up being referred to them instead. Would likely be cheaper to just pay everyone who received the email and used their card within the timeframe.

I got the email but on a different e-mail address to which my card is registered. Turns out that before signing up to Curve fully, I had started a registration with this other e-mail address. When I raised the issue about the offer with Support, they stated that it was for selected customers only and although that was me, it didn’t count as the original mail had been sent to the unregistered e-mail address. Result - No £5.

Same, I got the email to my work email address. But not the personal one which is registered with Curve, so no £5.

I got the email on 3rd Dec 10am, spent at 2pm that day, and got the £5 by 6pm the next day.

This was at the bottom of the email:

You must make a successful transaction (Curve Send transactions do not qualify) before 23:59:59 on the 31st of December, 2019 in order to qualify for this reward. You will be provided Curve cash worth £5 to your Curve Cash card within 4 working days but in no case later than the 10th of January, 2020. Please note that the Curve Cash can only be used in accordance with the redemption policy as set out here. This scheme is only available for the users that have received this email to their email address. Customers will be verified before the reward is applied.

I received the bonus

I received an invitation to a promotion in which the prize was to be 500 points. I met the conditions and did not receive the prize.

You should email and request the 500 points if you met all conditions. They will give you the point.

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Interesting I got two emails and it appears both were to my previous email that I changed for a more secure address. As a result the support team are not honouring the 500 points even though I made plenty of transactions in December!

I cannot understand the response that ‘there is no account created with this email address’ when stating ‘Because there is no spend in December on this account, you will not be eligible for the 500 Curve Cash points from this offer.’ The claim is there is no account so how could I spend on the account? In reality I have an account with another email address which is obviously still me as my name is on both!

Very disappointing result from the original nice idea of a Christmas gift of £5!

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Support said that was most likely why I didn’t get the £5. Since I’ve only got the one email address registered that isn’t likely. Unfortunately I deleted the two emails so I can’t prove it. It’s only £5 but it is annoying.

The same happened to me. Email deleted, then after 30 days BIN emptied, so no proof. Support said c’est la vie…

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I ask because I remember seeng an email that mentioned in these words (or to that effect anyway):

“Just pay for something with Curve and we’ll load 500 points (that’s £5!) onto your Curve Cash card.
Signed up with a referral or promo code? You’ll get this free fiver on top of your sign up rewards!”

Now I cannot find the email, nor has any magical 500 reward points appeared (yet)

Just curious…

[thanks @Curve_Marie for moving this to the right place - I did look before posting but not well enough obviously!]