Decimal point missing

Issue: Decimal point missing

How to reproduce it:

OS: Android

Device: huawei p30 pro

App version:

Screenshot: N/A

On my accounts, uk sterling, for some unknown reason the decimal point in the figures is missing, IE £2.80 now apears as £280, this was initially very alarming and confusing when looking at my statement.


I have the same problem with SEK and DKK. For some reason GBP is correct for me.

App version: 2.41.1

See screenshots here:

The same happens with CZK in version 2.41.1


@Miketfox thanks for reporting. Looks like this was caused by some refunds work. A fix should on the way next week, the fix should make non-refund transactions display correctly at least. For refunds, I have passed this on to that correct team.

is this any better in the latest beta?

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Yes, looks like it is OK now. :+1:

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