Decline but Paying?

I recently have a problem paying whit my Curve card:
I have my Revolut card added on Curve. So i go to my local supermarket (Bologna, Italy) to buy some stuff. Then my Curve get decline on the supermarket but the payment was made. I end paying whit cash and back home. Then i get in touch whit support and now i have to wait betwen 7-15 days to get a refund, hoping that i get it.
Is someone having this kind of issues? Did u get the refund in this situation? I think this is a very bad problem. Am really worry about this, and i trully want Curve to work fine and be effective.:pensive::crossed_fingers:

@RivKyiR This is something that the customer support team can help you with as they have visibility on your account. In case you were declined and charged and your transaction has already been reversed it should not take longer than 1-5 working days to have the funds back into your account :slightly_smiling_face:

If I’m correct they never actually leave your account to begin with, a hold gets put on them.

However I don’t get why Curve is putting a hold on funds if the transaction declines.

I thought Curve can’t tell the difference between a transaction and an AUTH so both get charged to the underlying card

It can’t unless it’s a hotel or car hire purchase of above £150 iirc.

However in the case of an actual decline then they should not charge the underlying card

Ok. I get my refund and all is fine now, problem resolved.:hugs:
I agreed whit the fact that if the payment was Decline the the money can’t be taken, is simple logic. But who know. Hope to se that bug fixed in the near future.
Also i have to say that support give me a good, clear, fast and safe answer and i get my solution in the same day. Good job!:clap::kissing_closed_eyes:

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Glad it got sorted :+1: