Decline money taken from account

I’m pretty used to declines by now but this one is a new level!
I tried to pay online on Tues and it got declined so I switched to a completely different card not related to my funding account to keep things clean. To my surprise Curve said that the transaction had gone through when it was declined. I even got Curve Rewards for it.
My funding account (Natwest) seems to decline every other Curve transaction so I didn’t think anything of it. We’re now up to Saturday and the money has completely gone from my funding account (it was stuck in pending for two days) and I’ve been asked for a decline receipt which I didn’t have! Luckily the retailer has given me a Decline Confirmation Number which I’m hoping is the same?
Am I going to get my money back or is this something that Curve users need to be warned about? It was £700 so I’m going to be more than gutted if this disappears. Has this happened to anyone?

Having issue with both Tesco and Waitrose - in both cases transactions declined and even switching the underlying card was no help.

underlying card Monzo but tried credit card too and neither worked through curve but did when used directly

Curve works online with HMRC and Amazon but not in the shop so no cashback on my shiny new Curve Metal - great looking card but useless in the shops!

anyone else had issues?

No issues using metal in tesco or on my partners plastic

Cheers will try again tomorrow with a different underlying card.
Might be Monzo / Curve incompatibility though they’ve worked before

I’ve use it with monzo, n26 and nationwide and they have all worked there for me

The original question was has anyone ever been told its been declined by retailer but Curve has said its gone through and money has been taken from the account?

Sorry hijacked your thread
Had 2 pending transactions only of which has reversed

The capture from Curve occurs when the transaction is approved by the merchant, however, the merchant doesn’t always communicate the decline back to Curve. These transactions get reversed after 7 working days without the response and the money is then moved back to your account.

There is also the occasion where the merchant captures and then refunds the transaction after they’ve decided to decline. It’s not as common of an occurrence, it can happen with Amazon when the seller may find out they have no stock.

When you reach out to support, this type of issue will be escalated to the payments team and resolved there.

Ok. That gives me more confidence! I got given the Decline Transaction Number which I’ve passed in the ticket. I’ll hold out then!

7 days…

To finish this off and close this once I’d given the decline transaction number this has been reversed on the app. Just waiting for it to go back into my bank balance!


Hi! I use Curve card, but on the terminal recipe is denied. In my bank app look the money go out. Please repair this malfunction, and send back the money.

Hi, I got the same problem. Also wanted to send via the support tool on the app but that doesn’t work either. It was my first payment with the curve card.

@hunore @LouisD, declined transactions are usually refunded back to your account within about a week