Decline reason

When our Curve card gets declined, we receive the decline push notification, but not the reason for the decline. If there are insufficient funds on the underlying card, it gets displayed, but not if we have entered the wrong exp date or wrong cvv.
Curve support team can clearly see the reason of decline, would be great if we could also see it :slight_smile:


Absolutely. There is nothing more annoying than not knowing why it was declined.
I once got a decline, because I had my curve points still selected and therefore insufficient funds available. Often when spending, I get the Curve notification before I get my physical cash or receipt. It would have saved me a lot of angst if this had happend whilst paying with the wrong card selected. A message saying “Curve declined reason: Insufficient funds - Card selected: Curve points” would have allowed me to quickly swap cards.


Totally agree, great suggestion.

Also find it annoying that once notifications cleared they’re gone - would be handy to be able to see old messages in the app too!



It’d be really great to be able to see why a transaction was declined. For example -

Declined - card is locked (yep, I’ve forgotten to unlock quite a few times)
Declined - decline by curve card cancelled (had my curve card reissued before but didn’t realised)
Declined - decline by curve, merchant disallowed
Declined - decline by bankX

Ideally it’d also be good if the declines could be visible in the app somewhere after dismissing the notification. This would be helpful when I need to call a company to make a payment (as happened with an offline payment after the card was cancelled) or if I need to raise a support request about a declined transaction.


It actually reminds you if you are on the curve rewards card option but it really needs to branch out to all other cards.

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Declined because of timeout!

Agree this feature would be really helpful

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I thought that I could use the Curve card as my primary card without thinking about anything else.

Last week, I repeatedly tried using the curve card for a flight ticket booking. Every time I tried using it, I got a message in the curve app that the underlying bank has declined the transaction. Then I tried with different card and got same error message.

Then I tried calling these banks as why did they declined the transaction. I was told that there was no problem from the bank side. Then I called up the booking website and I was told that there was no problem from their side and transaction was declined by bank. it was very confusing. So just to give it a try I emailed curve (as there is no phone number to call). Then I came to know that the transaction was declined by Curve due to spending limit put up by curve. But the messages I got did not mention about it.

Due to all this chaos the website where I found the cheaper ticket, the prices had gone up and I could not book for some time again as they had traces my failed transactions in the morning.

The customer service people tried to skirt off this issue pointing me to terms and conditions or giving me cliched response of how quick they were to reply to my email. But, in reality I lost hundreds of Pounds.

Bottom line is stay away. It looks attractive until you are hit.


Yeah, Curve are rubbish at giving any information when transactions are declined. They always blame it on the underlying card, but in my experience that is very rarely the case.

To be honest though, I’d always pay for a flight directly with a credit card anyway. If you pay with Curve, you’re not protected by S75 if anything goes wrong with the booking.


Apparently Curve declines always show up to the cashier (in card present transactions) as “insufficient balance”. That’s what the cashier told me was showing up on their screen the 3 times I had Curve declined thus far, none of which had anything to do with the balance on the selected underlying card


You can also get erroneous decline messages when using the card outside of the UK, due the card networks (and acquirers) sometimes using slightly different decline codes in different countries. I’ve seen "pick up card’ in Canada when Curve has been declined (which can be problematic in itself) but this is because the decline code 2 in the UK is a generic decline (do not honour) but in Canada is pick up card.

I’m sure the curve app used to show when a transaction was declined. For me now if I get a decline caused by the underlying card its impossible to tell looking at the app that the transaction is declined? Even pending transactions don’t say “Pending” on the recent transaction list or the detail view, you only see the word pending on the “see more” list. Some consistency with the UI would be good. Am I missing something, this worked a couple of years ago I’m sure.


It’s even worse when it comes to fraud.

If you have notifications off, you may not realise someone is trying to use your card, if they’re getting declined.

Just reviewing this thread.

I recall the amount of frustration generated on a similar forum some time back over the whole subject of the visibility of in-app messages relating to transactions, particularly those that go wrong.

It got fixed eventually and users were able to retain such messages - in fact they remained in the feed.

@ediflyer says it clearer.

Could you, @Curve_Marie, put this to the team for consideration.

Much reassurance would come of this. (Sounds like a quote, but it’s not :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).


Tbh, this is a wider problem.

I have to use a notification logger with Starling, for example, because the notifications are truncated and then there’s nothing in the app when I click through from a notification.

There was an attempt at fraud on my Curve card this week and I could only read half the notification without my notification logger - absolutely nothing in the app.

I don’t really understand this approach at all.

Revolut is quite good in that it greys out declines, but still shows them in the list

Yep, important.

Let’s ask for an initial view from the team @Curve_Marie?

The Product Team is aware of this issue and we have a dedicated team that will fix this for the Timeline 2.0 project. There are two other projects lined up before we start that one :slight_smile:


I agree with this proposal, It should be useful.


In relation to a comment up-thread, I would never use Curve to buy a ticket for an airline as I believe the cover you get from spending £100+ on credit cards and them being partially responsible is still a grey area.

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The transactional detail should show failure (when the transaction was declined/problematic) with underlying error information where possible.

For example, declined due to underlying credit/debit card denial (with explanation if possible) or a Curve error in the “No, we declined it due to limits or our anti-fraud” etc.

…And due to the fact that the notification can be lost, put all the declined transaction in the Timeline