Decline reason

The Product Team is aware of this issue and we have a dedicated team that will fix this for the Timeline 2.0 project. There are two other projects lined up before we start that one :slight_smile:


I agree with this proposal, It should be useful.


In relation to a comment up-thread, I would never use Curve to buy a ticket for an airline as I believe the cover you get from spending £100+ on credit cards and them being partially responsible is still a grey area.

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The transactional detail should show failure (when the transaction was declined/problematic) with underlying error information where possible.

For example, declined due to underlying credit/debit card denial (with explanation if possible) or a Curve error in the “No, we declined it due to limits or our anti-fraud” etc.

…And due to the fact that the notification can be lost, put all the declined transaction in the Timeline


This idea should be expanded to include the ability to unlock a blocked card in the app.

I wish admin would actually read ideas properly before closing them.

Which idea of yours has been closed without being read?

It’s not that my idea wasn’t read. It’s that it was closed on the grounds of being similar which I wouldn’t mind if it was the same and contained no new ideas or features.

I have worked in user experience and idea creation for 10years and have seen this happen before and idea gets rejected because some of the content is similar to another idea, which I understand from a management of content and paperwork point of view but it does lead to content and features being missed.

My ideas was admittedly similar but it did contain further features and ideas which would be beneficial. It wasn’t just about the reason the transaction was rejected as this one is it went further to ask the user if the transaction was them and allow them to unlock their card there and then so they could retry the transaction and not be left for hours with no card.

I wouldnt mind the idea being closed if the detail and W pan toon was added to the original idea.

Sorry for the long reply and taking up the comments on this idea. It is a good idea I just feel there is more that could be offered

Send me the idea via dm, and the closed post and I’ll review it further for you :slight_smile:

In general it would be preferable to try and expand on the original topic unless it is totally new, otherwise we end up with lots of similar topics that stand less chance of being implemented. Garnering more votes for an idea will (hopefully) lead to Curve taking them under consideration. We also have a lot of people post near-identical ideas that already exist so have to do some housekeeping to try and keep things running.

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I support this idea.

Today one of my contactless POS purchase with Curve card was declined. I thought it was success as there was usual push notification sound, and was ready to leave shop with my purchased good, but cashier stopped me saying “Please insert card”. I immediately realised payment did not go thru. Asked him shorty: "PIN? " Answer was: Yes, you must insert your card and type PIN.
I guess Curve does that too time to time by using some algorithm. It was first time I paid in that shop with Curve, maybe that triggered decline.

When I looked in Curve app, first payment was declined and decline reason was very generic and even misguiding. “Declined. Try another card to complete the transaction”.
^ Nothing suggest it was due to security enforcing to enter PIN !

After entering PIN payment was accepted.

Also second idea - it it possible to implement different push notification sound for declined payments… something user could set up by himself. That would be great. I would set it as something annoying, so I would immediately know if there is decline.


@moon I’m also having this issue with higher value contactless payments. I’m currently in Canada (until the pandemic is over) and every high value contactless transaction is declined, the limit here is 250$ but transactions over about 50$ end up declining as of a couple of days ago.

I had the same issue at a shop this morning and received the same useless message from Curve. Also went through okay on second attempt using chip and pin. The only difference here is that I had shopped there previously.

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Yeah I have also shopped at the same merchants before using contactless (in some cases just a few weeks ago). One of the terminals also gave the decline code 65 - Declined - Customer Exceeds Activity Limit.

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I’ve got same decline reason recently. The decline notification advised to change the underlying card. I decided to get my iPhone instead and try to pay again - there was no problem at all. (My Curve card was selected in the Apple Pay Wallet).

Here’s what I got from the Support:

​To make your payments even more secure, we’ve now introduced a new feature, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). This means every time you make five consecutive contactless payments, or accumulate a spend of €150 / £135 this way, you’ll need to make a Chip and Pin transaction.


This is of course only when paying with the physical card?

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I was not aware of the recent introduction of SCA feature by Curve.
Also the App notifications when a decline occurs in such cases are not very helpful. So I was puzzled what’s the problem.

Every debit card works like this. If you loose your card or it’s stolen, without this protection, anyone could use your bank account until it’s empty. If you dont use your PIN, it will be asked every 5th time when you use your cards contactless. Or if you make bigger payments, it will be asked earlier.

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Well apparently Curve has introduced the feature recently, since I’ve been using Curve since Nov’2019 and until few days ago I have never been asked to do CHIP&PIN as you explained above.