Decline reason

Why would you send a message saying “Transaction declined, use another card”? Surely some bright spark in the Product Team must have thought that using a message such as “Use chip & Pin for this transaction” would make much more sense?? :roll_eyes:


Have you checked what POS said, it should ask you for chip & pin if the transaction is declined?

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It doesn’t. It just says Transaction declined, use another card. I had the issue on Monday but luckily asked the shop assistant to use chip & pin instead, which worked.

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Thank you Jake :slight_smile:

I got two messages on the POS terminal - Customer Exceeds Activity Limit and Use CHIP & PIN. When you are not aware about the change you got really surprised what are these messages when you’ve been paying contact-less so far without witnessing such strange behavior :).
I live in Bulgaria and we’ve been completely unaware of it.this Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) until three days ago :).

Not in Bulgaria.

I was under the impression that this shouldn’t be in place when using the card outside of the UK/EEA (at least that’s the case with another card). In addition to the 5 transaction rule, you seen to be declining transactions above 50 CAD (around that) when the contactless limit in Canada is 250$ and Curve was working fine up to that limit until a few days ago.

It’s kind of problematic as a lot of merchants here in Canada have stopped the use of pin pads (covered up) entirely during the pandemic, so I have no choice but to use another card.

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Other banks in the UK had similar thresholds when the contactless limit was £30 in the UK, but have since increased them as the limit is now £45 (it’s increased in other EU countries as well)

Any chance of Curve also increasing their limits and/or resetting the limit via the app (which some other banks also offer) instead of insisting on a PIN transaction

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Why not use a smartphone-based contactless payment without a transaction limit, i.e. Apple Pay or Google Pay?

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This is contradictory. In the first paragraph, you suggest that it is the banks that set contactless transaction limits (by which you presumably mean the merchant’s bank), which I believe is correct given that this varies by country of transaction, not country of card issuer. But in the second paragraph, you suggest that it is the card issuer (e.g. Curve) that sets the limits, which I do not believe is correct.

I’m talking about the €150 / £135 threshold here - apologies if it wasn’t clear. I’m aware of other banks have uplifted this following the increase in the size of the maximum possible individual contactless transaction

@NFH Unfortunately I find the Curve card declines about 50% of the time when using Samsung Pay here in Canada. I haven’t really been able to get a good answer from customer support as to why that’s the case.

My other cards work fine when using Samsung Pay. I’m contemplating retiring my Curve card, I’ve been a loyal user since beta testing days but it honestly feels like it’s not worth the hassle anymore. In addition to the other issues mentioned I’ve been getting a lot of time out transactions lately and have to reattempt the transaction for it to go through.

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That is what I’m gonna do from now on. Apple Pay rules :slight_smile:

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This has now been implemented :smiley: