Declined actions without doing anything

Good morning,
after installing the android app and connecting two prepaid cards, I receive continuous reports “Declined €250.00 - Cassa Risp Di Ravenna - Curve Cash” but I have not performed any operation with Curve and I have no account at this bank.


You will need to contact support so they can take a look at your account as we are just a community of users.

Hope you get it sorted quickly as it looks like somehow you are being charged 250 euros.

Hi @argfa, welcome to the community!

Could you please get in touch with us at, they’ll be able to look over this and discover the reason!

Hi @CurveJake
any news about my report to support?

Have you locked your card in app? If not then please do until support can look into it.

It looks as if your card (or a copy) is being used to take out €250.

Fortunately for you, you had Curve Cash selected as the payment method so they couldn’t take out the money.

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I just deleted the two cards I had connected. Can you tell me which of the two cards generated the $250 request?
Thank you

None of your 2 prepaid cards did. Your Curve cash card did.

Looks like an ATM money take out at one of the bankomats of that bank.
Somebody managed to copy the card. Wondering how did they do that.

Sometimes ATMs are hacked and have a copy device installed in the card slot.

Otherwise in order to copy a card they need to access at least the magnetic stripe, but that’s not enough for chip checks in the ATM. The chip itself is bloody difficult to copy without actually having full physical possession of the card.

Hi, there,
I have not been informed of the problem indicated in the question.

I also reported to technical support that I have not yet received the card after one month from my registration while friends registered after me have already received it.