Declined as you’ve reached your daily limit

But, everything is OK in card limits information.
What’s the problem? It’s only 20 USD.

Happened to me few weeks ago, small amount, no limit reached. Worked fine for next (different merchant) transaction. Probably some problem with payment processing by merchant and wrong error displayed. :man_shrugging:

Happens very rarely to me, I can remember only once in hundreds of transactions… :ghost:

Hey there,

did this error appear again?

You can drop the Curve Team a message here: if you think its important.

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Yes. Four times. I will send an Email to the support team.

This happened to me when I was trying to top-up my Revolut account using Curve with an underlying card which (as I learned later on) blocks such top-ups. The push message from Curve said that I’d reached my card limit and I should contact (Curve’s) support. In fact the issue was that my underlying card was declining the transaction.

Just trying to top up my Revolut card, same error.

Don’t know why the underlying card declined the transaction.

Hey, did the support team get back to you on this?

Hi, They replied one of the declined transactions which I submitted on Curve website.

I sent an Email about other declined transactions and am waiting for reply.

Hey, just got the reply. Thanks!

Same issue here today - @Hannah @nicb I think there maybe needs to be some work in the back end to ensure the correct error message is being displayed?

Same issue here too. Declined twice, no feedback from CS yet. @Hannah

On Twitter they just tell you to get in contact via the app, or email. Maybe they should have their social media take over their CS, since they’re much more responsive.

Well, they can be much more responsive if the only thing they do is telling you to go to app or email and they aren’t practically solving any tickets :slight_smile: