Declined at Vending Machine

I’ve contacted support in app but have been getting useless responses so I’m posting here on hopes that someone more knowledgeable about Curve can help with my issue.

I’m trying to buy a soda from a vending machine at work. I was able to make purchases using a VISA contact-less credit card, as well as a Mastercard CareCredit credit card via swiping (this card isn’t contact-less).

I’ve made 2 attempts to make a purchase using the curve card. The first time it was linked to a DISCOVER credit card, and my last attempt was linked to the same CareCredit Mastercard that I’m able to use directly. Both times the curve card was declined.

I did try using Curve at another machine located at a different property and it was successful.

So my question is why curve (which is a Mastercard branded card) always declined on the problematic vending machine, while the linked card (also a Mastercard branded credit card) can work just fine directly?

My main concern is that if curve can’t be used reliably where it seems it should work (anywhere Mastercard is accepted) then how can I truly ditch all my cards to rely on this one card that may not work everywhere I go?

Hey there @SwordOfWar, I’m sorry to hear about these declines that you’ve experienced with your Curve card.

It’s likely that you’ve hit a security measure with your Curve card but this same security measure isn’t in place on your underlying card. Have you heard back from the customer experience team yet?

I tried at the same machine again today. My first attempt was via contact-less and was declined, however I tried it again but swiping it instead of contact-less and it was successful. There is no option to insert the chip, so I was unable to test that method.

I did receive an email response recently that suggested there might have been a security issue, as the support agent noted that the decline was due to a wrong CVC (however the payment terminal itself doesn’t have a keypad or ask for a CVC).

But since it appears to work at a few other places I tried, I’m assuming it may just be an issue with this particular machine.

Thanks for the response!

You’re very welcome, we’re always happy to help where we can and I’m glad to hear that the customer experience team were on the case with this too. It’s always helpful when issues resolve themselves in any case! :grin:

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