Declined contactless payments

Is there a way to find out why certain contactless transactions get declined but go through ok with the pin? Most recent one was for £3.48 which is a trivial amount.

Depends on the country where you pay. I live in the Netherlands, if I have done several contactless payments for a total of 48 euro in a row and my next payment is 3,48 euro, then I have to use pin and chip for that payment.

Check this (under floor limit):

For the UK (you were talking about payments in pounds) I also found this here:

"Is there a daily limit on how much you can pay on contactless?

There is no daily cap on the number of individual transactions you can make (each up to £30), but occasionally, as an extra security measure, you’ll be asked to enter your PIN to verify you are the account holder."

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My Amex gets declined very often at certain purchase points for contactless and is accepted with the same terminal as pin & chip, as are contactless payments with other cards. The error message is different from the “please use pin”. Haven’t had a good explanation, somehow it seems Amex contactless has to be activated separately by the merchant or processor.

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