Declined for the wrong reason

Not sure if anybody else has had a decline for the wrong reason.

In this example I’ve not ordered a new card, nor is my card due for renewal. I’ve since used the card after this with no problem.

Hey @Pagemakers :grin:

We’re sorry for the confusion here - this decline message currently shows when your old card details have been used for a transaction (in this case due to them not being updated for a particular e-commerce transaction).

Our engineers are aware of this issue and are working on improving the decline messaging for transactions such as this - it’s a pretty new feature for us so we’re still working out some small issues :sweat_smile:

Hope this helps!

Why was it declined then?

Hey @Pagemakers this usually means that your old card details are still being used. We can’t access or discuss your account here but pop a message to our support team at and they’ll be able to confirm the reason.

Whether your underlying card expired?

I had this when my new Investor card was coming or Just after it had been received, but purchases made before then had not dispatched, and when they were dispatched and the charge was attempted to be put through it was declined by Curve, despite the old card still being within it’s end by date. Very frustrating and embarrassing too I think! Many banks allow an old card to be used until it’s expiry date even when a new card has been issued. The problem with the investor card was possibly that it had a new number?

Hey @curve15 this shouldn’t have been the case unless you had already activated your new Investor card as you can only have one Curve card at a time. If you were experiencing declines on your card before you even activated your new card then I’d recommend getting in touch with our support team so they can check it for you.

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