Declined - limit reached

Just had a charge to my card declined as it says my spending limits have been reached. Today is 1st July and I’ve spent £4. So plenty of daily and monthly limit is available. Any idea why I would get declined and this reason why?

What sort of transaction was it? I’ve seen this before when I had hit a limit on the underlying card (eg weekly cash transaction limit on a credit card)

A membership charge to an underlying “Wirecard” credit card (Tymit). Again there are no limits on it.

Just had the same issue, also with a Tymit card…

There is no ”monthly limit”, but instead a revolving ”30 day limit” so it doesn’t matter that ”today is 1st July”. What matters is how large purchases you have done in the last 30 days. It is not at all connected to calendar month per se.

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Oh OK thanks. Useful to know.

Declined due to limit reached? Must be a Tymit issue then.