Declined notifications

  1. After using my Curve card online or at POS I sometimes get two notifications. One to acknowledge the payment and one so advise the payment was declined. The transaction appears to complete. Why do I get a “declined’ notification?
    Later on I also get notifications advising that “Your transaction was charged aft . . “ I tap the notification and it takes me to the Curve app but there is no way that I can see to read the entire notification. Where do I find the rest of the message?

  2. I was recently charged twice for something (misunderstanding at POS) and when I showed the cashier the information in the Curve app, I was refunded the second transaction in cash. Soon after, the 2nd transaction disappeared from the Curve app. Who decided that this should be removed; what if the 2nd transaction was, in fact, purposely made?

Hi @djt and welcome to the Curve Community! :hugs:

The two cases you are describing sound like your transactions have been approved by Curve but then the merchant declines it. This could be for a number of reasons such as a fall in internet connection or your card being removed too early.

What happens here is your card is charged when the transaction is approved and then immediately reversed once the merchant declines it. When the transaction is reversed by the merchant it will then be reversed by Curve. These transactions will drop off your Curve app timeline and will also drop off your underlying payment card’s bank statement.

If the second transaction was purposefully made the merchant would not have reversed it, so it would remain on your timeline.

Hope this answers your question :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Helena,
Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately this does not answer my question.
One example of what happens is as follows:
The merchant enters the amount to be charged and presents the terminal.
I tap my card on the contactless terminal and wait for the “transaction approved’ message.
The merchant presents me with (or asked me if I need) a receipt.
I immediately receive two Curve notifications from the app as described (one confirming and one declined).
At no point does the merchant manually decline the transaction.
I leave with the goods.
I may then receive a notification later in the day or the next day saying “Your transaction was charged aft…”

As to the specific incident where the cashier refunded me in cash for the 2nd purchase, why would the merchant then reverse the transaction?

@djt This sounds like something that our support team will be able to help you with. They have the expertise and system access to help you out. Would you be able to send a message at The team will have a look at your account and give you more information about what happened :slightly_smiling_face:

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It can be a bit confusing that declined transactions still show in your time line as if they had gone through, would be cool if there was a way these could drop off or be highlighted as failed. Can lead to confusion when doing expenses or trying to understand your spend history it also throws out your spend totals.

Hopefully in Timeline 2.0 we will see this :+1:

That would be awesome!

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Fingers crossed :v:

I get this if I try to use contactless in Tesco. Everytime I have to get support to refund the failed transaction(s) which could leave me without sufficient to do what was needed. I asked support to follow up with the merchant but the response I got suggests they have no intention in doing so.

In my case I haven’t been charged for the failed transactions on a Credit Card, I haven’t tried a Debit card though.

My card also declined in tesco on friday 2nd August 2019 normally works fine so maybe a issue somewhere on curves side or tesco side.

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Another one…