Declined Payments from today after years


after years of using curve card, from this morning all the payments and atms withdraws are declined, i tried with sever underlined cards always declined, so the issue is from the curve, i don’t understand what could be

Assuming you have not reached your Curve card limits and you have not locked your Curve card in the app yourself, my guess would be that your Curve card is blocked. To be sure, please contact Curve support from the app or by email ( Since this is a user community, we don’t have access to your account, so we can’t check this for you.

I have the exact same problem.
Being paying with Apple Pay so far without any issues, and since 3 days my transactions are getting declined.
I’ve contacted the support and they said that my card was flagged by their risk engine… wonder why.

Then they unlocked my card, and after few days/transactions later, my transactions are getting declined again and the card blocked.

This is extremely annoying.

I have the black card.

Let me know if you have any updates from your side

I’m getting the same issues as of about 16 days ago. All transactions since then have been declined no matter what card I selected for all types of transactions (online, apple pay, or physical card). I’ve put in a CS message via the app and I’m still waiting for a response from them.

Highly inconvenient. I’ve had to re-bulk up my wallet with my original cards ever since.

Yes, I’ve had the same recurring problem (legacy black). it can’t be down to exceeding limits as they’re decent and I’ve used it very little recently because of the repeated declines.

High street brands and suppliers that i regularly used curve to pay in the past, without problem, are now repeatedly declining - even after security verification.

The declines online and in-store are now so frequent, that I’ve gone from using it as my default card to not using it at all.

It’s not just the constant declines, it’s the hassle of having to remember to check back that declined charges that show as having gone through aren’t in fact charged to the relevant card.

The app notifies me and then shows the transaction as verified in the timeline, even though the merchant’s page shows it’s been declined. It’s intensely irritating and a hassle to have to remember to check I haven’t actually been charged, sometimes multiple times if I’ve tried again, for something I haven’t managed to purchase.

No idea why this is happening and all CS says is - don’t worry, wait a few days and the debits will show as reversed. That’s not a solution, nor does it explain why it’s become a problem.

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Yep I’ve found it to be much more hit and miss recently - sometimes fine, other times failed and underlying card not charged, other times it is. Eventually refunded but can take a week. SMS for 3DS rather than the app seems to help a little.

My Apple Pay keeps doing this also with Curve. It did it roughly about 7 times yesterday and previous days …and still doing it today. And yes, my Curve on Apple Pay is still getting declined when attempting transactions.

Curve Support is lacking and slow. Their social team are relatively quick with replies but that doesn’t help when it’s so difficult to actually get in contact with their support team (which is who you need).

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