Declined payments to Ryanair

Every time I try to pay a flight to Ryanair, the payment is declined. Always. It doesn’t matter what underlying card I am using. And if I pay directly with the underlying card, it works with no issue.
Any idea what’s going on?

Maybe Ryanair wants to use 3DS? Curve does not support it yet.

From their payments support site:

What is Strong Customer Authentication?

From 14 September 2019, you will be required to provide additional payment authentication details during the payment stage to approve your online payment (Strong Customer Authentication). This is to comply with the new EU regulatory requirements to reduce fraud and increase security of your online payment transactions. For more information, please contact your card-issuing bank.

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If you have an iPhone, you can use your Curve card via Apple Pay in their app.

You can try paypal

Worked fine on Sunday

I’ve had this a couple of times onboard and online with them. I’m not sure what’s going on but usually if you try a couple of times it seems to go through

I tried a couple of times yesterday, as I did a couple of weeks ago as well, and before that too. It always fails and I have not idea why.

Of course I can use PayPal, or I can use the underlying card, but that is not the point, the point is to understand why it fails.

3DS requirements? Maybe, but then why other people can use it? @hup said it worked fine last Sunday …


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I think he meant it worked fine last Sunday with PayPal.

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Double check your card doesn’t say commercial on the back.


it doesn’t

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Hi there! @JesusM It seems like this might be an issue with your specific account, If you could get in touch with our Support team at, they’ll be able to look into this further and figure out what’s going on.

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I had a similar problem last week with Ryanair, it kept being declined when I tried to pay in Euros (with a GBP card via Curve), I had to let them charge me in Pounds (at their terrible exchange rate) for it to go through.

I bought about 5 flights and this happened every time.

I think it’s depending on the amount of the purchase. If it’s over 30€ it needs a verification you can’t do with Curve, and its declined?

But it was about Ryanair…

Not sure why it fails (it never did for me), but perhaps paying with Google or Apple Pay through their app could be a workaround for now?

Note to myself:
-count to 100, breath and do not speak about Ryanair, do not speak about Ryanair , do not speak about Ryanair… :person_in_lotus_position:t2:‍♂


Yes, I think that is. I tried again using GBP and it worked. So, one more reason to avoid Ryanair … but sadly we cannot :frowning:

Same tried to buy tickets through the Ryanair app and got declined when using Curve card. Even got a message from Curve app saying payment declined.

Straight away tried with Gpay with Curve as underlying card and it went through.