Declined....then approved...what gives?

Hello all, first post so hopefully it makes sense.

Been with Curve since it went live, and then also became an investor, and got sent an Investor card.

Now with my original Curve Black card, it was set up in my iPhone XS as the default payment card wen i purchase something (iTunes, etc). I’ve thankfully not had any problems of getting declined, as i know the underlying card (credit or debit) is good.

Since getting my Investor card last year, i removed the black card linked the investor card with the Curve app. Set up went well with no issues. When i buy something in the shops and use Apple Pay, the Curve Investor card is the default an goes through ok.

The only time i get declined transactions is when i buy some add ons in the games in my iPhone or iPad, like extra gems, cosmetic stuff, etc, the transaction will be declined initially with matching notification, and then les than 10 seconds later, another notification that payment was completed and everything is all set, and i get the items in game what i paid for.

So why is it declining first, then approving it later? It doesnt sound like normal behaviour. If it’s declined, it’s declined. If it’s approved its approved.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Same issue for me today :sob:

Go back in time failed
Try again later

Any comment from the devs on this, as this is not normal behaviour.