Declined transaction charged on CDC, but transaction doesn't even show up on Curve App

Hi everyone, I’m using Curve with my CDC card for quite some time and never had problems yet. Sometimes there were some declines that were charged, but they showed up as declines in the Curve app and were refunded after 1-2 days. But this time it’s different:

A transaction (about 1000€) was rejected at the POS with the message “Funds too low” on the terminal (there were about 1300€ of funds). But I got absolutely no message on curve regarding that, but the CDC card got charged with the full amount (I didn’t notice that in that moment). I tried it again twice 2-3 minutes later, but as there were only 300€ on the card left, the POS, this time correctly, showed the message “Funds too low” again both times. These two declines are also correctly recorded in the Curve app. But still the first “wrong” decline some minutes earlier that actually was charged for the full 1000€ on the CDC wasn’t recorded at all on the Curve app - no decline, no pending or successfull transaction, just absolutely no record for this transaction, but a full charge on the CDC.

I’m worried now that the money is stuck somewhere and won’t get refunded as the transaction wasn’t recorded on Curve. It definitely went through Curve as it also says *crv on the CRO statement. Did anyone have the same problem as well - a transaction that didn’t show up at all on Curve, but got charged - and got a refund afterwards, or should I contact the Curve support directly?

Hey @Carotty, it sounds like Curve began processing the transaction by charging your bank and then the merchant didn’t charge the funds from Curve to complete the transaction on their side which resulted in a decline. This means the incorrectly charged amount should be automatically refunded to you by Curve within the next few days but I’d still get in contact with the support team directly to query this.

Just in case my guess is wrong, it’s much better to be safe than sorry!