Declined Transactions - App/SMS Security?

We’ve recently bought a new home and as such we’ve been buying a large amount of furniture from various retailers/manufacturers.

Almost every transaction has been declined.

Some more details. I place my purchase (online), Curve’s app/SMS security prompt comes up. I do this either via the app or SMS and then the transaction is declined.

I’ve been spreading these purchases across multiple underlying cards so it’s not specific to one card.

None of the purchases are more than my Curve limits & none of the purchases are more than the underlying cards limits.

After the decline with Curve, I immediately try again using the underlying card and it works perfectly fine.

None of these declines show on the underlying cards - not even as pre-authorisations - only in Curve.

The one thing that I’ve noticed is that on each of these purchases the underlying card has also prompted with it’s app/SMS security.

To me (as an end user) it looks as though the following is happening:

Retailer → Curve → Curve App/SMS prompt → Underlying Card → Underlying Card App/SMS prompt → decline.

This doesn’t work as Curve doesn’t show the prompt, so it’s declined.

Has anybody else seen this?

For me, it’s just another reason not to use Curve :frowning: I didn’t think this was meant to be the case, but I’ve seen now multiple times for multiple underlying cards for multiple retailers.