Declined transactions charged, never reversed

I had 3 declined transactions recently, all of them are now charged and finalized (not pending). Customer support doesn’t respond. Reverse charges aren’t appearing either as they did when I had similar issues in the past.

Hello there,

We don’t have access to your account here on the Community so unfortunately we can’t investigate these issues for you here. Instead, you’ll need to reach out to the Curve support team about this.

The support team are getting a lot of messages right now so they’re taking a bit longer than usual to reply. If you’re currently waiting on a response and it’s been more than 24 hours then I’d recommend sending a DM to @AskCurve on Twitter or Curve’s Facebook page.

I had this issue recently following the tech issues last Friday with 4 duplicated transactions totalling almost £300 that were declined at Tesco’s till but showed as cleared in the Curve app and the underlying card.

Have you checked the underlying card? For in my case the transactions show as reversed/credited there even though they show as completed/successful in the Curve app. But the main concern of mine is that they have been credited into the underlying card, even if in an ideal world the Curve app would reflect correctly also.

I used to have these transactions that used to get credited later eventually. Now there’s no reverse charge any more, I do pay without paying.

Curve Chat used to work fine. Now I’m not getting a single reply for a week and I have more and more declined but charged transactions. I feel really frustrated using Curve since I got my Curve Black card as it’s a gamble. I never know when I have to pay twice. I don’t know why I didn’t stop using it completely, I really should. The problem is NOT SOLVED.

I cannot get help with my transaction on Facebook’s public chat. And it’s not even received by support. Twitter: same thing. How do I get my money back? Is it sent to the receipient twice?

Here in the community, we do not offer assistance :slight_smile:

Curve doesn’t offer assistance anywhere, that’s the problem. I’m trying to reach you on Facebook chat which is not an authenticated channel of course, Curve Chat messages are sent to the abyss. Curve support is literally ghosting me. I cannot even close my account as it would require assistance. I’m terribly disappointed with Curve. I used it for years without a problem. Customer support used to answer. Not any more.


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