Declined Transactions

I keep having my transactions declined due to insufficient funds, however I have plenty of funds available. Curve isn’t even contacting my card issuer to check for funds, it’s declining them before the check, as there is no record of a request with any of my card issuers.

No help from in app support either.

Have you tried a different underlying card? Certain transaction types can have different limits depending on the card issuer. If a different card doesn’t work and the underlying cards work fine directly (ie they haven’t been blocked by the card issuer) then you need to email It will take a few days for them to reply, if it’s an urgent issue then call the number on the back of your card.

I had the same thing happen this morning to me.
Tried switching cards in app, declined.
Used the underlying card that had declined in Curve directly and the transaction processed.
No issues with the Curve card last night when shopping so it looks like an issue on the Curve side of things today. I’ve already logged my support ticket so we’ll see what happens.

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Agreed … and it said the same thing when I checked it this morning, but for the Curve transactions to be declined 4 times between 01:00 and 09:00 this morning, and yet the card they were charging too works when used directly less than 5 minutes after the 4th decline, that would suggest more a system issue at Curve than with my own cards

And now Curve is working again, nothing back from support yet either.

Hey guys, sorry for missing this topic. Did you get a response back from support on this / get your cards working again?

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Looks like the support is not available for the past three days … It is really unexpected.

No, we did not get :(.

The support team are seeing a huge increase in messages at the moment so they’re taking a little bit longer than usual to reply. Please feel free to drop a message to @AskCurve on Twitter if it’s super urgent, they might be able to check for you!

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Hi Hannah, I did eventually get a response from support … many days after logging the ticket. The outcome of which wasn’t actually a lot of help in the end, pretty much " oh it may have been the transaction type ??"
Given the transaction that failed was a type I’ve performed with Curve many times in the past I’m still left mystified as to why it failed this time.
Understand that support may be busy (especially at this time of year) but longer than 48hrs to respond to a query is poor form.

Hey Ian, I’m unable to see why the specific transaction failed here but our support team can definitely provide more info if you ask them? It’s possible that the merchant category code that’s being sent has changed and it could now be a number that’s blocked with Curve. It might also be a merchant type that’s blocked because it’s high risk.

Says a lot about the standard of Curve’s system. I was charged £190 for a £170 transaction. I kicked up a big fuss until Curve decided to refund the £20.