Declines today 7/oct/2020?

Anyone getting declines today?
Got 2 with POS purchase.
These declines does not even show in Curve app.

Error code was 05 - looked it up and it generic reason - you should contact your bank.
Tried to pay directly with underlaying card and that worked fine.

Will send e-mail to support too.

Same here, got declined twice today until this moment

Got same problem yesterday. Was withdrawing with Metro bank UK card as the underlying card, failed at Nationwide and Metro ATMs, then I had to look for back up.

Same, got several declines on one of my Boursorama card (credit), my other Boursorama card (credit) is working…

Support replied that “your bank sent us “do not honour” messages”, suggesting that bank is blocking transactions trough Curve or funds were not available.

For me it makes not much sense as there were funds available, also same card was working fine thru Curve later.

Maybe it was local glitch as there was 1 local bank which had maintenance exactly that day and they announced that there could be interruptions to service. I can only speculate if shop where I tried to make purchases is using that bank. My underlaying card was not from that bank.

Anyway, I think all declines should be seen in Curve app.

I guess the underlying card issuer sees the Curve transaction as fraudulent or whatever and therefore declines. Or they simply don’t want their transactions to go via Curve.