Declines when sending a new card

My curve card expires next month. You have posted my replacement and now my current card declines all the time.

What is the point of that? Why is my current card declining.

Declines for online purchases, google pay or just normal POS purchases?

All Apple Pay

Curve seems to be aware of this, because when they reissue card they send email with this info:

If you are having issues with your Google/Apple pay while waiting for your new card please continue to use your existing physical card. When your new card arrives you can add it to Google/Apple pay.

Yea I just deleted my old card and added the new virtual card to Apple Pay. That works.

It’s a bit silly though that your old VALID card stops working before the expiry date.

Now my real card has just arrived and the 3 digit code and expiry date is different to my virtual card!

Do I add one or both to Apple Pay? If one, which one?

It really shouldn’t be this complex.