Default Card keeps Reverting to Debit Card

I’m sure this has been posted before, but there’s no fix been obtained, and it’s only just started on mine. I’m also on Apple not Android, but my Curve keeps defaulting to my bank card, not the credit card I choose. Worked fine on a Lloyds credit card on Sunday, never altered it, but Monday it switched to my Starling debit card. Thankfully only small purchases, as there isn’t that much money in there. Put it back on Lloyds when I got home, today it’s back on the bank debit. ( or was). Been happening more and more, and one day when I changed it, it left both cards ticked, which caused a problem, thankfully only at a club where everyone knows me. It defeats the object, as now I’m always sure to carry at least one other card, because I can’t trust Curve to work. Anyone know whats going on? Thanks

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