Default currency

It would be nice if the shown currency could match the default currency depending where you live. When I haven’t used my card it shows always 0 pounds. But should show 0 Euro since all my added cards are Euro based. Also the shown limits are always Pound.


This is great input for smart rules that we are investigating. Thank you for sharing!


I will use my card with euros (Revolut…)



I have my limits also shown in pounds, despite account is in €. Would be much nicer and practical to see limits in currency of account (EUR).
Can somebody from forum staff pass this on team to consider / fix ?


This is not a huge thing but I would really like to see the “card limits” section in local currency (or same currency as the selected card).

It would be easier to see how much money you have left to spend than trying to convert pound to SEK (in my case) each time.

Hope you can consider adding this option.


I think it’s already implemented - if you have Curve card with national BIN, you will see your limits in your national currency. :hugs: I can’t confirm this personally as my Curve card is an “old” UK one, but it was mentioned here in the forum by several users… :speech_balloon:

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Hey @Ender! I can confirm that our new Curve cards are issued with corresponding country BIN’s and currency limits, drop our team a message at and they can take a look! Hope this helps!

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Don’t know if this is related to your issue but one thing that irritates me (even if it’s a really minor thing) is the Card limits currency. I live in Sweden so we have SEK but this section shows £:

In “Wallet” and “My Money” the currency is correct.

Do you have the same thing in your app?