Default payment method

I think that a good way of implementing this would be:
You set a default card.
And then when switching to another card for a single purchase you could swipe up on the new card (or long press and “select an option” or similar).
This card would then be used for the next purchase and then the default would be reinstated.


I had the embarrassment yesterday of having my Curve card declined with insufficient funds. I used a physical Visa card (the one that Curver was linked to) and it worked fine.

It wasn’t until I left the venue, that I realised I had set Curve Rewards to be my payment card (probably due to the Curve Cash announcements and me looking to see what I had on my Reward card (£x.00 to cover a bill of £xx.00!)

It struck me that this could have been handled better if Curve allowed me to spend my rewards, then charge any balance to a default actual card. Is that something that could be added perhaps.

I am not sure how the new cashback feature will work, whether it is in a similar way, then this could work for that area as well.


Hi @fisher.simon :wave: Thanks for sharing your feedback!

We will pass on your feedback to our team so that they can have your thoughts in mind for future product improvements. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Aleca

After I posted I found a similar request already in the support area. It would appear that others would find this beneficial as well.

Have a good evening… :wink:


This a functionality has been requested for many years… (since the beginning of the slack community)
Always been transfered to the development team and never implemented…

Love it idea - have moved it to the Ideas category so it can get some votes - you’ve got mine :slight_smile: Have also combined it with the existing one.

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It appears to be closed…I haven’t had a chance to vote even :wink:


Nope, just merged with an existing thread to boost the votes :smiley:

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Ahh! Got it…sorry, was not paying attention.

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Wouldn’t an alternative solution be to be able to “Go back in time” and change which card you charged an item to, to Curve Cash.
This would be a far more certain way to allocate Curve Cash to purchases and fairly simple to implement.
Not all retailers (Amazon in particular) charge you straight away but when the item is dispatched. Even if you have the Curve Cash in your account you can’t be sure if the charge will go through when you have Curve Cash selected. Meantime another charge you intend for your credit card can deplete your Curve Cash or get declined.


I would love to have the option to select a single payment for the next transaction then return to a default card. Occasionally I’ll use a joint card or credit card and I ALWAYS forget to switch back to my usual card, there should be an option to return to main card of choice after 1 purchase!

Had a similar experience regarding the rewards selection and getting declined when trying to make a purchase, so a default fallback would be perfect.

Also might be useful to have a default card for cash withdrawals only, just in case a credit card has been selected to avoid any fees.

Sadly still waiting…but hey!

Would really benefit from having this. Many times I’ve changed card and next time I think it’s the usual one only to find I’m charging transaction to wrong card :triumph:

would be great if i could set a default card, then if i go in to app to change card for a transaction the transaction after that would go back to my default card.

You can vote for that here:

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It’s been already 1 year this easy feature has been requested.
On reality it has been suggested more than 3 years ago…

I desperately need this…

One of my main issue I have with card switching is that I generally forget to switch it back.

I use curve to switch between my personal account and joint account.

Would be helpful to have a temporary switch for the next transaction ( ie, by long pressing the card) and then switch back to the card that was selected previously.

A lot of time travelling is going on currently because I keep forgetting to switch back.


I came here to request this very feature. I have 2 business accounts and a personal account. I’d love to be able to set my personal account as the default account. I don’t mind having incorrect transactions showing on my personal account (which will show as debit then refund due to using go back in time). However on my business accounts it can get annoying as extra records mean more work when it comes to doing my tax return.