Defaults on opening app

I am using the latest stock Curve app on a Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus phone running Android 8.1.0.

For some time now I’ve been troubled by two annoying intermittent bugs when opening the app. I have been in correspondence with support but thought I’d summarise here in case anyone else has a similar experience.

  1. Sometimes when opening the app, I get the “Welcome to Curve” box that one would normally get when opening the app for the first time. This happens even though the app has been installed for some time, has been opened many times and has not been recently reinstalled or had its data cleared. I have been unable to identify any cause or pattern.

  2. Sometimes when I open the app, instead of opening at the currently selected payment card, it opens at the “Add New Card” tab. I can reproduce this by manually closing the app, clearing the cache (not the data) and opening it again.

It always does this for me.

I can say that issue nr.2 in OP’s post is same for me. Sometimes when opening app, Curve shows “Add New Card” tab.

At least previously selected card is still “selected” in app and I dont have to manually confirm it again.

Using currently latest Curve app 2.9.0+20900 (on android).

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I now have the latest beta, same as you, and can confirm that it still happens for me.

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