Delay in payment passing through


I have my Curve card linked to my Monzo card, which are both newish accounts. I use them for day to day spend, with my bigger items coming out of my main account.

I have noticed more often now that spend through my Curve card can take a couple of days to go through to my Monzo card. As I am still ‘tweaking’ my day to day spend, I only transfer smallish amounts to my Monzo.

The other day, I missed the fact a spend was not on my monzo via curve and when it finally hit, there was insufficient funds on my monzo account.

Outside of curve, I have not noticed this before, however may have not noticed as there is a lot more funds in my main account.

Is this a curve issue or debit cards in general?


For what type(s) of transactions have you noticed this issue? Online / chip&pin / contactless? Does it happens only with one merchant, or with all of them you’ve tried?

Hi, The most common occurrence is Tesco on both contactless and chip n pin. Different stores. Thanks.

Apart from fewer cards, what’s the benefit for you of using Curve with Monzo attached?

I have had this issue before with payments made to Just-Eat.

Get cashback at Tesco through Curve … whilst its only 1%, we spend a lot at Tesco :expressionless:

plus think the metal card is kinda cool.

Hey Jonny!

This typically shouldn’t be the case, but this is down to when the merchant captures. A transaction may not appear if the merchant has authorised the purchase, but not yet captured the funds. We’ll take the money at that point. If you ever want more details about this or a particular transaction, pop a message over to us at

plus think the metal card is kinda cool.

It really is isn’t it :heart_eyes: Blue’s the best looking imo.