Delay in transaction display in Curve

Hi, I am wanting to take a picture of receipts but am having a delay in seeing the purchase in Curve. I used to get instant notification of all transactions via my Curve App, but now am having to wait a number of days (at the moment 4 days) for any transaction to appear.

I do, however, get an instant email regarding the transaction.

At present I am taking a picture of the receipt using GeniusScan and having to save that until the transaction shows up later in Curve - I can then add the picture of the receipt. A rather clunky procedure!

Come on Curve, you can (should) do better!

Or…am I doing something wrong!

Hello @Jet_Lag,

Did you try to re-install the Curve app?
Also you can try to clear your mobile phones cache.

Hi, yes I deleted the Curve App from my iPhone and then reinstalled!

Now working as it should be.

I will be watching for delayed transactions in the future and will repeat this exercise when necessary!

Thanks for your help.

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