Delays in transactions showing - some retailers, some of the time

OK, so this is a clear problem with TfL (TfL charges - different amounts on Journey History, Curve, funding card) - make a transaction on Friday, and it may be charged Saturday, or Sunday, or Monday, or Tuesday, or who knows - 2 weeks later? Total lottery. And not always in chronological order if you make multiple transactions

But it also happens with other retailers. Sometimes my supermarket/coffee/takeaway transactions are charged immediately, but sometimes there is a delay. e.g. made a transaction at Greggs on Saturday morning, was authorised immediately, but it only got charged to my Curve at 00:30 today, Wednesday morning. This is a mild irritation as the whole point of Curve is being able to hold different cards in my “wallet”, so I often change cards before transactions

Ah, but you can go back in time, you say. Except (a) it’s boring/waste of my time to keep having to go back in time, and (b) you can’t go back in time to or from Curve Cash

So, why all the transaction delays? Doesn’t seem to affect any of my other credit/debit cards, is a massive inconvenience, and a complete time sink to have to keep checking my transactions. It also triggers constant fraud blocks on at least one of my underlying credit cards - “why are you making unusual transactions at 4am”

If it matters, I almost always use a physical card, rather than Apple/Google Pay, so that isn’t the reason

Any reason why Curve doesn’t charge like a “normal” credit/debit card?

Ok I get that, but (a) apple and Google pay don’t have this problem. I pick the card, it gets charged, and (b) ​how do I choose which card to fund each payment? Isn’t that the whole point of curve?

Suggested solutions:

  1. Allow Go back in time to/from Curve Cash

  2. Allow me to set rules: all supermarket payments to card A, all restaurant payments to card B, all travel payments to card C, etc

I am getting this a lot these days. I don’t know if Curve team are aware. Sometimes taking several hours before the transaction shows up in Curve app and underlying card. @Curve_Joel anything?

Hey @Daddykay and @kt1974! Sometimes a merchant will process a transaction “Offline” which means that it doesn’t take place at the time of payment.

For example, TFL process their transactions Offline when you tap in and out of stations with your card because they need to wait for you to finish your journey to know the full amount to charge you. This means that the authorisation that appears on your Curve account when you first tap into a station will expire and TFL will process the transaction offline afterwards.

I hope this has helped to clear up the reason that these transactions seem to work a bit differently!

Well I am getting this at Lidl, Tesco, and one transaction was an online purchase.

In that case, you’re right that this is unusual behaviour for transactions with these merchants. I’d recommend checking this with our support team as they’ll be able to check what’s happening with these specific transactions and should be able to shed more light on how the transactions are being processed.

Would you be happy to post an update here once you’ve been provided with an explanation by the support team? :grin:

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