Delete a card but keeping the shopping purchases


I have the basic plan, so I can only include two cards. I did it, but I would like to add another different card, so I have to delete one of the existing cards.

Will I loose my shoppings purchases?

What if I receive a refund in the card I have deleted?


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Hi and welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

Has the shopping already been paid for? If yes no you won’t lose your purchase, if no then it will be debited from your active background card at the time of authorisation.

Basically what happens when a purchase occurs is this, Curve gets a authorisation request for money as it’s their card that’s being used for the transaction. It pays the amount but immediately pulls the requested amount of money from your selected debit or credit card then the debt has been fully paid to all parties.

Curve will send you an email asking you to select or to give them a card to refund your outstanding credit to.

Thanks for your question.


Thanks for your reply. I still have one doubt:

In the case a delete one card, to add another one, where will I be able to see the purchases I did with the deleted card?


I don’t think you are able to no.

On (Android on) the My Money tab on the Timeline you can see all your transactions you made with your Curve card including the ones you made with underlying cards you have removed from your Curve account.