Deposit cash in atm using Curve with UniCredit as underlying card

if i use a Unicredit debit card into curve
If i go to the Unicredit atm with curve can i deposite cash in atm?

Almost 100% sure you can’t. Doesn’t UniCredit allow you to use the ATM without a card? That would be the way to do it while no carrying your UniCredit card

Hey @Alexprince, welcome to the Community! @megamaster is right, if you need to deposit money or do anything related to your specific bank account then you will need to use your banks own card.

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Deposit ATM is only for SAME bank customers bacause only same bank can recognise and connect card number to their customer’s bank account.

Teoretically (like Curve Send do) ATM with Optical Characters Recognition can find CVV and make it as refund, but this is illegal.