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I have recently joined Curve and am impressed with the features such as ofc multiple cards linked to one card, cashback, go back in time, and the plaid open banking integration with balance realtime refresh. These current features really make me believe there some top notch developers working on Curve.

My feature request is based on me NOT having to carry another card around, ever, and in order to fulfill that dream i request that Curve allows depositing of cash via e.g. paypoint (same as Monzo) to a chosen bank backed card, or allow a deposit to the curve cash account, with then being able to transfer the curve cash to one of my on-file card accounts.

Thank you for your consideration on this feature, as this is the only feature i noticed was missing where i needed to carry another dusty card around for.

Curve is not a bank, I guess that’s why there’s no option for deposits.

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Hello, I hope that Curve will never be a bank and will never look like a bank account. So I won’t agree with this idea of deposit cash. For non UK citizens it would mean to have a foreign bank account, with all the possible troubles that come with it. Have a good day.

So i did some digging on Curve cash (e-money) and saw the following statement on Curve help page:

“ Depending on your bank, you can even top up your supported prepaid cards or pay off your credit card statements using your Curve Cash. ”

This alludes to the fact that you can already transfer Curve cash onto your existing cards and credit cards, and so if I understood correctly, all that would be required now is a method to be able deposit fiat cash somehow to get Curve cash, so as then achieve what i originally suggested; not needing to carry another card around with me…

When that is enabled you will go ahead to ask for FSCS protection for your deposits, right?

Hello, the discussion is obviously biased by the fact that there are Curve UK features and Curve “rest of the world” features … Just a quick remark. Have a good day


I am not talking about depositing thousands of pounds, but maybe a £100 at a paypoint in a shop.
Large deposits, sure goto your regular method, though for small amounts i do not see the risk of Cuve going bankrupt and a £100 being lost if you were unlucky that it happened on the same day.
Curve also mentions that the e-money is kept separate to protect the customer due to lack of FSCS, which would be the same for any type of crypto currency.

E-money isn’t something the (FSCS) protects. Rest assured, your e-money is always kept separate from our own and from your Curve Cash points. This is known as safeguarding, in case we become insolvent, which ensures that all of your funds are protected.”