Deposit Curve Acount with Trading212

Hello, I have a problem I have deposited money on the trading212 platform, now I learn that I can withdraw money as I deposited, i.e. on Curve? Will the money reach my Curve account?

Yes, it will. Have used it myself already.

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Hi Lucas, When you withdrew did it go back to the card that curve was linked to at the point in time in which you deposited, or the current card Curve was connected to?


Refund will go back to the card from which the purchase was linked to when it was made.

Hey guys, @schgleeg is right, refunds will be automatically processed back to the original card that was used.

However, please make sure that the merchant processed the amount as a refund, and not as credit. Our system doesn’t handle credit transactions very well at the moment and the amount may not be returned. If it’s a credit you’re receiving, not a refund, then please get in touch with our support team at so they can make sure everything has been processed correctly.

Currently dealing with this issue. I have withdrawn from Trading212 and since I purchased with my Curve card, it is going back to that. But it’s been a week and I haven’t received all the money! I’ve contacted Trading212 and they’ve said they’ve sent it out, and it shows they have.

I’ve emailed Curve support and still no response. Any ideas?

Hey @Ayyli our support team will have to check that for you. If you’e already emailed then there’s no need to message again, they’ll get back to you as soon as they can.

As I mentioned in my above post, it’s possible that your withdrawal was received as a ‘credit’. If this is the case then it may have bounced back. Otherwise, it could be viewed as an unmatched refund and processed to your Curve Cash card so make sure to check there too!