Deposit for car rental in Italy

Hi everyone, I’m new in this community!

I have a question about the Curve Card. I have ordered the free one as I’m not a huge spender.
My question is: I’m located in Italy, if I want to rent a car with an agency, they’re asking for a € 800,00 deposit as a pre-authorization which will be “refunded” as soon as the car will be returned.
I was wondering if that amount of € 800,00 is charged on my bank card as soon as the Curve Card is swiped or if Curve will charge me only in case of partial refund from the car hire agency (for exemple when the operator finds a scratch and charges you for it), so I could have my money avaliable during my trip as I would do with the standard credit card.

What I’m asking, more simply, is: will my bank card be charged by Curve only in case the agency charges me something or will my bank card be charged anyway for € 800,00?

Can someone please explain in the most detailed way possible how does the “deposit” thing for car hire agencies in Italy works?

Thanks in advance.


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Curve will pre authorise any amount greater than £150 (I.e. hold the amount instead of charge the underlining card). For amount of €800, I would say the underlining card would not be charged.
The only problem is Curve card is a debit card and most car rental requires a credit card for deposit; so use a fee free credit card instead.

Personally I would use Curve (or indeed any other debit card) in this situation, I’d jus put it directly as a hold on a cc. If you did use Curve I’d expect it to go through as a charge on the underlying card, subsequently refunded down the line once they clear the charge. Rather than the hassle of that I’d just use the underlying card directly. Obviously if due to pay some element of rental cost in foreign currency (not just security deposit) it’d be useful to use Curve for that

but it doesn’t make sense to pay with other card for a car insurance if you are on metal with CDW cover. CDW cover only works if you pay for your rental with Curve according to terms and conditions

Ah OK - I’ve got Amex Plat so have car rental cover whatever card. You’ll get the money back, it’s just based on previous experience of expect it to go through as a charge.