Did Curve forget its non-UK-based customers?

I have noticed a certain pattern, which kind of alienates me from Curve.

  • The launch of Amex support (and the two days it was working) was for UK customers only.
  • Curve Metal is available for UK customers only. Metal was launched about 11 months ago, i do not understand what is taking so long to widen the customer base for Metal.
  • Samsung Pay is available for UK customers only.
  • Google Pay is available for UK customers only.

If Metal isn’t available outside of UK 11 months after launch, do we have to wait for 2021 until non-UK-based customers are able to use GPay as well? Wait for another year?

Why should i bother using Curve at all, if i can just add all my “native” cards to GPay and not have “One card for all”, but merely “One app for all”? I get cashback and buyer protection on my native cards as well, so currently Curve has zero value for me. The benefits of Curve Metal plus GPay support would have changed that, but apparently Curve is focusing on UK only.

This is sad, since it was a promising product at first, but it became more and more not-useful for me (and according to feedback on twitter, not only for me but for several other users). Maybe Team Curve can re-prioritize their actions, so that the rest of the world can use it at full as well.


I think (at least) two bullet points can be added to your enumeration.

  • The lack of insurance on the Curve Black Tier in several EU countries

In the good old days you could get Curve Black (the one that is now called Legacy) for a one time payment or if you were lucky for free during a promotion and could enjoy the raised FX-limits. When subscription Black was introduced you had to pay a staggering €9,99 per month for exactly the same offer, if you are living in a country where the insurance is not offered. Later the permanent Cashback was offered on Curve Black to make it a slightly better offer.

  • The lack of 3DS support

In the UK the FCA postponed the enforcement actions against firms if they do not meet the relevant requirements for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) with 18 months from 14 September 2019. In the rest of Europe lots of webshops already do have the SCA requirements in place. This means these shops require that your payment card supports 3DS, if not, you can not use it to pay with it on that site. So do not forget to vote for 3DS support :point_down:t2:


Yeah weird that…I wonder why that could be? :man_shrugging:

A company based in the UK doesn’t have to be UK-centric. Look at Revolut, for example, which is much less UK-centric than Curve. When a company is centric to a particular country, it means it is oriented to where it is based instead of towards where it’s customers are based. There is no need to be the former; the latter is easily achievable.

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The vast majority of it’s customers are based in the UK. (Which often seems to happen E.G. Apple and Google in America.*) So I mean it’s pretty much one and the same hence my original comment which as sarcastic as it was, doesn’t diminish from the original point.

*Huge first in their home market before branching elsewhere.

True but it is at the moment and I don’t think they are doing too badly. Anyway it’s always prudent to look after their home market*, it’s called playing to a business strength.

*Especially if they are the market leader in said field in their home market.

Any business needs to cater to any overseas markets when they are mature enough to do so and have the infrastructure to support that. Walk before you can run and all that.

The EU is a single market. Each member state is not a separate market. Curve’s home market is the whole of the EEA.


Which seems to confuse the point you made earlier which was

No, I didn’t confuse countries with markets. A company can be London-centric too and failing to cater for other parts of the UK and other parts of the EEA. “Centric” doesn’t have to be about countries.

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Sure it doesn’t have to refer to countries, in any case I believe I have read that Curve has taken steps to ensure brexit (if it happens) will not stop Curve from pushing ahead with any expansion into Europe. Such as opening offices etc etc.