Did Legacy Black Terms change for foreign withdrawals?

I’m Curve Black Legacy, and on Curve Beta (though I admit I’ve been a bit lax with Beta testing).

I’ve just had a proper rummage round the app for the first time in a while and it looks like all mention of foreign ATM withdrawals have been removed. The last time I checked we still had similar withdrawal terms to the paid black, and now it looks like we have even less than Blue? When it was grandfathered in I am pretty sure we were assured weren’t going to lose features, we just wouldn’t gain new ones. That was fine by me, and for the way I use it (mostly foreign online transactions to get the best rates) I don’t have a need for much. But if it’s lost the ability for fee free foreign withdrawals that doesn’t feel right based on what we were promised. Did I miss an announcement or change of terms notification?

I think that’s an app error - Curve Black Legacy hasn’t been downgraded, in fact I’d be very surprised if a ‘Legacy’ plan actually had any change at all.

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That’s what I was hoping. I was surprised that it looked to be downgraded. The only info I could find on the site was the original comparison to Black Subscription here: https://www.curve.com/terms-black-legacy/

But it is a bit concerning that within the app it doesn’t mention any of the other benefits.