Different active/default card for purchases and cash transactions

Before the dynamic MCC came into force I wasn’t worried about what card I had selected when making cash withdrawals.

Now if I want to make cash withdrawals I would have to remember to change my card first or risk getting a fee from my card issuer. “Going back in time” would still leave me with cash withdrawal fees on a credit card so I wouldn’t want to accidentally take cash out with any of my Credit Cards selected. I wouldn’t always remember to change my card, nor do I want to bother with the faff, of changing my card before and after a cash transaction.

Perhaps we could set a default/active card for transactions and a separate one for cash transactions so we don’t have to continually change cards when making cash transactions.


It is a good idea. And also it could be nice to be able to assign some mcc to some cards. I have cards that give you cashback depending on the merchant (some for supermarket, others for fashion, etc…).

Or even be able to choose a different card for online transactions. That way I can select a card with a limit to avoid fraud. I have a n26 card with a 150€ limit for those transactions.

Now I choose the funding card before doing the transaction, but it will be wonderful if it were automatic.

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Thank you for your suggestion @stevenhp1987 and welcome to the community! We are currently looking into different “smart rules” that will help you get the most out of your underlying cards. It might also be able to be applied to Sticky Transactions (Recurring Payments). You can find more information on what we are working on short term and what we are currently investigating in Curve’s Product Roadmap. I’ll be adding more details to the different card this week.